The Pope Is Coming

11 Jan The Pope Is Coming

The Pope is coming! The Pope is coming! It’s no joke. And as a Catholic, I am overjoyed.

Why? Why would I want to battle the 1 million people expected to flood the streets of Philadelphia? Philadelphia traffic during a non-Pope visit is terrible at best. Why would I want to drag my two small children to a Mass where the celebrant might be over a mile away? As it is, I practically have to stand on my head and pull rabbits out of hats just to keep them still when we are sitting in the first pew at Mass on an ordinary Sunday. Why would I want to do all that when I could probably just watch it on TV from the comfort of my own home?

Why not?

Why would I not want to be surrounded by 1 million faith-filled people on fire for Christ? Why would I not want to be in the presence of a man who is changing the world with his love of Christ and His Church? Why would I not want to give my children a once in a lifetime opportunity to take part in one of the most historic events in modern Church history?

I never gave it a second thought. The positives of what this experience could be, far at weigh the negatives. I texted my husband and said “we are going.” He replied. “I know.”

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CV Staff