Devil in the Details

03 Nov Devil in the Details

The headline on the Vatican’s news page Thursday summed it up: “Pope: Christian life is a continuous battle against the devil.” Pope Francis talks about mercy and joy, but he also talks about the devil. Why this matters beyond pope-watching is that the devil is in the details of so many of our most contentious debates. Acknowledging that would help us see more clearly and make progress. As a moral shepherd during confusing times — during which we have unprecedented communications opportunities and yet a fractured ability to talk given sharp divides and language differences even among those who speak the same tongue — he is trying to get us to go deeper, to see the full context of our lives. One where you cannot be indifferent to the pain someone unknown to you is struggling with, or someone in front of you whom you might think you are too busy to care for — or about.

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Kathryn Lopez