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23 Oct Sharing the Good News with Youth

Catholic Voices USA volunteer Jennifer Manning appeared on Relevant Radio’s Morning Air program on October 23 to discuss evangelization in the classroom and the synod on the family. Listen to more from Jennifer Manning on Relevant Radio’s Morning Air....

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21 Oct The Synod’s Real Success

The Catholic Church has begun a conversation, locally rooted yet global in scope, to renew our engagement on marriage and family issues. Central to that project has been the consistent affirmation of Catholic teachings on these matters, and that affirmation will continue in the months...

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20 Oct Roman Renewal

The synod was not changing doctrine, but it was seeking to find pastoral solutions to challenges facing good people who want to live good lives — and in varied circumstances throughout the world. And what was on display was a draft deliberately marinated in an...

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20 Oct Getting Mission Focused

Pope Francis ended the synod Sunday by celebrating the life of Paul VI, the pope who prophetically saw much of what we were doing to ourselves and begged us to pay attention. Now Pope Francis, in a very different style, makes his own pleas. And, yes,...

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17 Oct Synod Seeks to be Beacon in Troubled Waters

Pope Francis called the ongoing Extraordinary Synod for this very reason—the family is facing unique, unparalleled challenges and the Church, as a prophetic voice and as a shepherd and guide, has a moral responsibility to respond to these challenges and to equip bishops and pastors...

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15 Oct Taking Time to Remember

Remembering … what a lovely idea. Pope Francis talked about it in his Tuesday morning homily last week. It is a lost art, isn’t it? In our slap-dash/get’er-done/ASAP/nano-second-world, remembering and the time it takes to sit and ponder the “goodness of the Lord” seems to be a luxury,...

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14 Oct Why Care about the Synod in Rome?

If you simply listen to popular media networks you might be lead to believe that “the Church is finally going to get their doctrines/teachings regarding abortion, contraceptives, family planning, and same-sex marriages in line with 2014!” However, that would be an inaccurate misunderstanding. The Secretary...

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