Courage and True Care


14 Nov Courage and True Care

Those with same-sex attractions deserve the full proclamation of the Catholic faith, the truth entrusted by Christ to the Church to make us free and lead us to salvation. That truth involves proclaiming that Jesus loves them, embraces them, died for them, and wants to accompany them on the path to holiness. But it also involves announcing that if someone is involved in a lifestyle incompatible with the Gospel — like the gay lifestyle — then that same loving Jesus is calling them to conversion.
It’s not enough merely to “welcome” people. The Church aspires to embrace everyone with the warmth of a brother and sister, but also has the duty to call everyone, with the humility of a fellow prodigal, fully to welcome Jesus and his saving teaching.
Christian love is not a shallow, sentimental hospitality. Particularly for those ensconced in a gay lifestyle — which is a way of life built on rejecting several basic truths of anthropology, sexual morality, marriage, Scriptural inspiration, and magisterial authority — the Church’s charity must always be bound to the compassionate, clear and compelling presentation of the fullness of the truth of human sexuality that alone can set them free.

Read more from Fr. Roger Landry in The Anchor, the newspaper of the diocese of Fall River, Mass.

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