Author: Kathryn Lopez


10 Nov Speaking for the Persecuted

While we can’t — and shouldn’t: Their lands need them! — bring every persecuted Christian over here, we can start looking at their faces, listening to their stories, and drawing one another out of our indifference. The “globalization of indifference” is how Pope Francis often refers...

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03 Nov Devil in the Details

The headline on the Vatican’s news page Thursday summed it up: “Pope: Christian life is a continuous battle against the devil.” Pope Francis talks about mercy and joy, but he also talks about the devil. Why this matters beyond pope-watching is that the devil is...

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27 Oct The Joyful Work of the Family

Pope Francis often talks about unemployment being an evil we face today; unemployment can sap a man’s hope, especially if he is just starting out in life. The pope went so far the other day as to say that there is no family without work,...

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20 Oct Roman Renewal

The synod was not changing doctrine, but it was seeking to find pastoral solutions to challenges facing good people who want to live good lives — and in varied circumstances throughout the world. And what was on display was a draft deliberately marinated in an...

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20 Oct Getting Mission Focused

Pope Francis ended the synod Sunday by celebrating the life of Paul VI, the pope who prophetically saw much of what we were doing to ourselves and begged us to pay attention. Now Pope Francis, in a very different style, makes his own pleas. And, yes,...

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07 Oct Time for Being Serious about Christianity

The Christian life is about prayerful transformation in sacramental encounter with Christ. It is radical and makes all the difference. And if Christians are not living it, the world will be impacted and become less humane. This is what we are dealing with today. Read the...

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