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10 Aug God’s Mercy and Forgiveness – even in Boston

In 2002… Boston became ground zero for the clerical sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. Without warning, this predominantly Irish Catholic city was thrust into the epicenter of a massive scandal unlike any other. It was unparalleled because those at the heart of the scandal...

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15 Jul A Consistent Ethic Against Torture

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. If Charles Dickens was characterizing the recent events at the United Nations, he would also add that it was the oddest of times. Odd, strange, perplexing, nonsensical. This because the Holy See found itself...

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john paul

14 Jul John Paul, a Saint for Women

Pope John Paul II’s legacy is momentous. To most of us growing up in the late twentieth century, Pope John Paul II was the quintessential Pope. Omnipresent and highly charismatic, this pope was a venerable force in the world as the representative of our truly...

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01 Jul Keeping Women’s Well-Being Front and Center

Does restricting access to contraception harm women? Or would mandatory and widespread provision of contraception actually do so? The answer is clear and is supported by both scientific and sociological data: contraception and abortifacients disadvantage women. While religious liberty and conscience protection are some of the most...

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20 Apr Mary’s ‘Yes’ and Ours

By Jennifer Manning Today is the feast of the Annunciation, the day on which we remember Mary’s blessed fiat, her yes, her surrender to God’s will for her life. Exactly nine months from Christmas Day we ponder what a momentous event in Mary’s life this must have...

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30 May The Unborn Baby: A Precious Opportunity for Communion

by Kerry Pound, M.D. When I was a third-year medical student beginning my rotation on obstetrics and gynecology, one of the physicians began her lecture with the following statement: “We are the only specialty that deals with two patients at once.” “Two patients”…. a simple-yet-profound statement recognizing that...

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